It is lifeless and made of metal. A die has stamped it from rough stock, shaped it into a traditional design, and inscribed upon it such words as Police Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic or Lifeguard. It has been plated and polished and numbered.


It is a symbol of Americanism. It is law and order, justice and freedom. It represents authority, comfort and safety. It is the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, E Pluribus Unum, and the Pledge of Allegiance. It is a courageous defender - brave, noble wise, and strong. It laughs and cries, knows fear and tragedy, greatness and heroism.


Your badge represents fairness, honesty and dependability. Possession of it transforms you from being a citizen to a person responsible for the safety and welfare of others.  Wearing your badge says that you are willing to put the fate of perfect strangers into your own hands, often at your own risk.  You wear it with pride. You stand tall behind it. You defend its principles. You emulate the qualities it represents. You treasure it, polish it, keep it gleaming - the reflection of your badge is one of hope, peace and security.


The American Badge Company is owned by people who know what it means to wear a badge. We have a long history of public service and are proud of our own heritage as well.  We understand the importance of owning a badge that faithfully represents your unique position in society.  We know that your badge must be perfect in order to reflect the pride that you feel in it.  By allowing our customers to create and see their own badges before they purchase them, we know that they be delighted when their badge arrives.  Because we understand what your badge means, we also know that only the highest quality metals and dies, combined with expert craftsmanship, will suffice when it comes to the making of your badge.

"You can buy cheaper badges, but you can't buy better badges."

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